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About The Show

Remember the archived section allows you to listen to extended interviews and old podgrammes

Since its earliest inception the podcasts have developed and built a world wide audience. The podcast commenting on anything and everything that occurs in between each podcasts. It may be about mystical things, it may be technology  but what ever it is I can assure you it is will be my thoughts and not driven by some corporate message that the mainstream commercial media are usually pumping out to the masses. :-)

The original podcast from Glastonbury, Somerset, sponsored by The Glastonbury Shop. Topics as varied as media convergence, Interviews, Glastonbury Life, Sound Tours, Technology, Music & Mystical topics.

The point is to be fun but educational after all, life is one big lesson and are we not all hoping to become graduates of the school of life

The Mission - “Investigate, Question Inform and Entertain”

Podcasting since Winter 2004

All internal material copyrighted - Glastonbury Podcasting unless otherwise stated